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We process a variety of commodity and engineering thermoplastic resins including ABS, acetal, acrylic, nylon, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and polyurethane. Our material inventory storage includes 110,000 lb. silos, along with a central material distribution system and material drying equipment.

Production & Manufacturing Capabilities

Plaspros has a total of 22 injection molding machines ranging in size from 85 to 750 tons. This allows us to be large enough to meet our customers' requirements, yet small enough to provide personal customer service. In order to keep pace with growing demands, we have made innovative advances within our production areas and will continue our commitment to invest in new technology, equipment and employee training.


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  1. Insert Molding

    The use of insert molding allows for metal or plastic inserts to be added into a tool so that when the part is molded the inserts become part of the part.

  2. Robotics

    Currently Plaspros has 12 pick and place robots on the production floor. With the use of robots you can get a more consistent cycle time which improves not only the quality of the part but also the amount of parts that can be produced.

  3. Shop Floor Monitoring System

    With our shop floor monitoring system we can monitor the production from the plant in real time. This way we can ensure that jobs are running correctly and to rate.

  4. 2 Shot Molding

    Utilizing a second injection unit on the back side of the press Plaspros can inject two separate plastics into your mold. With the addition of our rotating platen a mold can be designed to rotate moving the part from one injection cavity to the other. This process can also be taken care of with our pick and place robots for 2 shot molding.

  5. In-Mold labeling

    The use of in-mold labeling allows a decal to be placed in the tool so that when the part is molded the decal becomes part of the surface of the part. This is far superior to putting a decal on the part after it has been produced.

  6. Pad Printing

    Pad printing is a method of putting ink onto a part. The ink is transferred onto a cliché and then that is picked up by a pad and then stamped onto the part. This is a cheap and efficient way to put small logos or text onto a part.

  7. Custom Built Fixtures

    The use of fixtures helps to ensure that when the part cools it will be the right size and shape

  1. Material Moisture Analyzation

    Having the correct amount of moisture in your material is crucial in molding quality parts. By using our moisture analyzer Plaspros monitors the moisture in the material to make sure that it is in spec.

  2. Temperature Control Units

  3. Central Chiller & Tower System

  4. Central Drying & Loading System

    With our Central Drying & Loading System Plaspros can efficiently deliver dried or un-dried material to the presses from one central location. We have a number of material dryers capable of running jobs of 15 lbs./hr. to 600 lbs./hr. This ensures that when your job needs to run we have the capacity to run it.

  5. Ultra Sonic Welding

  6. Drilling