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Our Highest Priority

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Quality Policies & Standards

Our goal at Plaspros is for our customer’s product to be delivered on time with zero defects every shipment. This goal is accomplished through merging our Quality System with our business processes. The process starts with an understanding of our customers’ needs learned from supporting the customer’s APQP process. The customer requirements are documented and incorporated into serial production via the PPAP process. The initial product quality is maintained throughout the product lifecycle by utilizing a robust SPC system augmented with visual aids and a rigorous mold preventive maintenance system.

Plaspros Quality Policy

Customer Satisfaction is our highest priority.

The management team of Plaspros Inc. is committed to this by implementing, monitoring, and continually improving our customer oriented quality system, while keeping the environment in mind. This system will provide the resources needed to support customers’ growth and development, establish a good relationship with our suppliers, and long term security of Plaspros’ employees, while looking for ways to sustain and/or improve the environment.

Quality Standards

Plaspros has acquired the most recent technologies, assisting us in tailoring our quality assurance plans to meet the requirements of every customer. Qualified inspectors work around the clock on every shift, for the most reliable traceability and record retention to ensure parts meet and exceed customer expectations.

Plaspros' quality standards have aided in becoming an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, and also helping surpass other internal quality goals.